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Waffles Year End Review 2015

01 Jan 2016


2015 was different for me. Instead of working on several small projects, I focused my time on two larger projects. One of them was Waffles.

Status of Waffles

Waffles continues to grow and evolve and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

You can see all changes in its CHANGELOG file, but to call out some of the most notable ones:

Waffles and Terraform

Waffles and Terraform make a great pair. Terraform handles the creation of core IaaS resources and Waffles can be used to provision the compute-related resources. Because I find both Waffles and Teraform so useful, I recently created a Waffles Terraform Provisioner.

Waffles and Shell

Waffles provides a large library of helpful Bash functions. By sourcing lib/stdlib/system.sh in your shell, you can use any of them directly on the command line or in your own shell scripts. You can even use any of the Waffles resources directly on the command line!

Future Plans

Here are some of the ideas I have for Waffles in 2016:


I dedicated a lot of time in 2015 working on Waffles and I'm happy to say that it really paid off. I'm able to use Waffles to sketch out experimental systems as well as deploy stable, production systems very quickly. I plan to continue supporting and working on Waffles throughout 2016.


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